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This Blood That Binds Us by S.L. Cokeley (This Blood That Binds Us #1)

This Blood That Binds Us by S.L. Cokeley (This Blood That Binds Us #1)

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Kimberly Burns— a self-sufficient, nineteen-year-old— expects her customary camping trip to be a calming escape from the non-stop demands of college life but the attack from a recently turned vampire changes everything.

Aaron Calem has been trying to resist the blood lust raging through his new body, but the unfamiliar voice in his head won’t let him pass up an easy meal. When he’s left with a girl barely clinging to life,he must choose between loyalty to his brothers or his own morality.

Aaron and Kimberly both want to return back to their normal lives, but their problems are just beginning when they both realize they go to the same university.

When Kimberly is bitten a second time, by an unknown attacker, they must team up to navigate the vampire world together and find the assailant. Soon, they discover that the mysterious past Aaron’s brothers are hiding may hold the key to secrets that could tear apart their own pasts and destroy their future.

S.L. Cokeley’s debut novel, This Blood that Binds Us, is the first in a series that explores the true meaning of family, making peace with the past, and finding friendships in unexpected places.
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