Opening a bookstore has always been my dream, just not one I thought I'd ever actually get to achieve. But here I am, and I am so thankful for it! 

Tales & Tomes is a balls-to-the-wall attempt to not rack up more student debt in a dwindling economy and skyrocketing interest rates, but still have afancy jobwith afancy job title. It seemed the only logical thing to do in the "unprecedented event of our lifetime" #53 (or was it #54? I've lost count) was to invest a semester's worth of university tuition and createmy own career instead, and why not make it something I absolutely love doing and doesn't feel like I'm selling my soul to The Man? It seems like a decent pay-off to me. 

I have BIG goals for my little bookstore, including a storefront one day (must haves: coffee bar), maybe a book club (buddy reads anyone?), maybe some in-house designed bookish merch, and maybe even some Special Edition books or book boxes. The world is my oyster and you're just living in it. Or something? 

Every purchase you make brings Tales & Tomes closer to achieving all of this and more. Maybe more, this is a lot of things tbh... 

Thank you for supporting a small business and my dreams.

Alisha x

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