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The King of the Ironwood by Kirsty Inic (The Witch of Ellesmere #2)

The King of the Ironwood by Kirsty Inic (The Witch of Ellesmere #2)

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After being reunited with her mother, Braelyn’s life has been anything but easy. King Elias still lurks in the shadows, and as she works on healing old wounds, some simply can’t be mended. The memory of Theo's capture burns in the forefront of her mind, and Braelyn will stop at nothing to bring her friend back and finish what the prophecy foretold. 

In her search for the key to the King's demise, Braelyn uncovers wicked secrets which threaten all who reside in Ellesmere. With this new information weighing heavy on her shoulders, Braelyn must find unlikely allies to help her put an end to the king and the evil he plans to unleash. But a storm is brewing in Ellesmere, and as Braelyn's spirit magic grows stronger dark and potent magic is clawing to be unleashed. 

To fulfil the prophecy, Braelyn must venture to where she vowed never to return to rescue Theo and protect those she loves. To achieve her destiny, friendships must be forged, allegiances are sworn and enemies trusted. Secrets will be revealed, and the magic destined to save Ellesmere might just be the key to their destruction.

Can Braelyn control her magic and resist the pull of the darkness or will she wield it like a sword and jeopardise everything she's grown to love?
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