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Strokes at Midnight by Layla Pine (Aussie Cravings #2)

Strokes at Midnight by Layla Pine (Aussie Cravings #2)

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This comes with an unattached signed book plate sticker

Sometimes one night is all it takes...

A year and a half of therapy has barely put a dent in the guilt Amanda McGregor still feels over her ex boyfriend. And she hasn’t even mentioned to her therapist how much she dislikes her body.

So when her flatmate Alison comes up with a plan to help Amanda get over her guilt - a plan that involves alcohol and flirting…and maybe a little pool sharking…Amanda goes along for the ride…

…Levi Fox has finally extricated himself from a toxic relationship, and he just wants to focus on his next goal - qualifying for the Australian Olympic Rowing Team. He’s not looking for a rebound hookup, and he’s definitely not looking for love when he heads out to his local pool bar for a few drinks with his mates…

Sparks fly when the pair meet, and things between the two escalate quickly. But life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works.

Levi faces a bombshell that explodes right in Amanda’s face, flinging the pair headfirst into a situationship with an expiry date that neither of them want to discuss. And with Levi’s ex stirring up trouble, dredging up Amanda’s past and present pain, is the mind blowing chemistry these two share enough for them to build something worth fighting for?

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