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Queen of Poison & Fire by Tiffany Parker (Artura x Thorn #1)

Queen of Poison & Fire by Tiffany Parker (Artura x Thorn #1)

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Artura is a healer. Her home is in the grips of war. A war on the very thing she values most: her freedom.

Accused of witchcraft and treason against Cimran and the wicked king who rules the land, Artura and Emrys, the man who loved and raised her as his own, are forcibly taken from their home. At the hands of The Cleanse, an elite group of soldiers tasked with eradicating magic from the kingdom, the pair are handed over to King Helmar and locked away beneath the mountain range bordering the city.

Artura has one goal: Do not break. No matter what happens.

Tortured and taunted for months, when Artura is then one day handed over in marriage to a neighbouring king, it feels like this is yet another twisted form of punishment at the hands of King Helmar. Only, Artura realises that her betrothed, King Thorn of House Sorega, is not what he seems.

Whisked away from the place that has haunted her dreams for so long, Artura discovers things about herself that she never thought possible.

That perhaps all along, she really was guilty.

And perhaps it might be her greatest asset.

A whirlwind journey of pain and heartbreak, love and self discovery, ‘Queen of Poison & Fire’ will captivate you from the very start.

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