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Rise of the Witches by M.L. Jewell (The Datura Chronicles #1)

Rise of the Witches by M.L. Jewell (The Datura Chronicles #1)

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This is a hand-signed paperback

    This man, Mallrie, just saved my life, but how do I know I can trust him? After all, no one in their right mind is out after dark, yet here he is.

    Here I am.


    The residents of Datura have been told all their lives to follow these basic rules. Never leave your home after nightfall. The streets are plagued by nocturnal flesh-eating monsters. Anyone foolish enough to venture out after dark will meet a gruesome end. And the Melsheim Forest is a place to be avoided at all costs. The creatures that live there make living in a town filled with Flesh-Hunters look like a fairy tale.

    There is no escaping this small town, this life. Unfortunately, Eliana knows this all too well. The only good things about life in Datura are the waffles and gin, a temporary escape from the pain of her past. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she accidentally breaks the cardinal rule of being caught out after dark. With a race against the monsters stalking her every move, Eliana tries to get home in one piece. Suddenly, she finds herself breaking all the rules ingrained into her since childhood and even the ones she’s created to protect herself, to find answers and protect Datura.

    In this small town, there is no escaping the danger, but Eliana refuses to let fear control her.

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