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Magic, Midnight & Starlight by Melissa J. Kincaid (Strings of Fate #2)

Magic, Midnight & Starlight by Melissa J. Kincaid (Strings of Fate #2)

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Darkness is poised to descend upon Fythnar, and with his true identity revealed, Elijah quickly learns that he is the land’s best hope against the impending threat of Bonemire. He cannot face Valdis’ dark army alone and must travel to the remaining three courts in the hope of earning their support. But there is just one problem. Elijah is unwilling to use his newfound magic and accept his royal destiny.

Meanwhile, Lorch finds himself as a pawn in a game of power, grappling with his desire for revenge while nursing his broken heart. Confused, afraid, and angry, Lorch allows his father’s dark influence to spread like wildfire across the north. He is tempted by his father’s ideals yet torn between doing what is easy and what is right.

With war looming, friendships will be tested and long-dead alliances reforged as powerful magic returns. As Fates intertwine and uncertainty blankets the land, one thing is certain, there will be bloodshed.

As she grows closer to Elijah, Ariiaya questions everything she knows. Too long has she been twisted to be what others want her to be – a mindless, emotionless killing machine. Too long has she been forced to suppress all that she feels inside – her emotions a tide crashing against the banks of her heart.

No longer will she allow others to shape her.

Now, the only hands to weave her fate will be her own.

The heart-stopping second book in the thrilling Strings of Fate series - an exhilarating romantic fantasy set in a hazardous world of magic and adventure where stakes are high, love is a war of many hearts, and fate is never truly set in stone.

See where the story began in Book One of the Strings of Fate series: Love, Blood & Fury.

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