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Lords of the Hunt by Kate King (Wilde Fae #1)

Lords of the Hunt by Kate King (Wilde Fae #1)

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Their games will change her. Their love will ruin her.

Lonnie Skyeborne is a human servant bound to the immortal court, until a cruel fairy tricks her into killing the High Fae King... and she finds herself next in line for the throne.

But in the kingdom of Elsewhere, the heir to the throne must defend their crown in the Wilde Hunts : A series of deadly trials where anyone may hunt down the new queen without consequence.

To survive her coronation, Lonnie must bargain with the ruthless fae princes she just dethroned. Prince Scion is arrogant, violent, and guards his own dark agenda. His cousin, Prince Bael, makes no secret of how much he hates Lonnie... but wants to strike a sinfully tempting deal. Every full moon, the mortal queen fights for her life... all other nights, she guards her heart.

Wilde Fae is a deliciously slow burn, steamy fantasy romance, ideal for grown-up readers of the Cruel Prince and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Wilde Fae is a series where the female main character will not have to choose one love interest. Please read the author's note on page one.

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