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Her Rabid Beasts by E.P. Bali (Her Vicious Beasts #2)

Her Rabid Beasts by E.P. Bali (Her Vicious Beasts #2)

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I escaped my Council-ordered execution by the skin of my beak, only to be faced with an even worse situation. My father, the King of Serpent Court, will try to get to me by any nefarious means possible, including hurting my friends.

Meanwhile, the mere presence of the five mates I've rejected torment me at every turn. Savage, the unhinged wolf who now seems besotted with me. Scythe, the mob-boss Great White shark whose icy eyes see right through my skin and Xander, the arrogant, sneering dragon.

Then, there's the powerful, moody Deputy Headmaster of Animus Academy who has his amber eyes fixed right on me. While he says one thing, his body language tells me something completely different. And then one day, I start to receive cryptic texts from a mysterious stranger who's past-times include watching me sleep and stalking me.

What's a girl to do except hand their attitude problems right back to them?

This is the second book in a New Adult MFMMMM 5 book contemporary fantasy romance series that must be read in order. The heroine has five fated mate love interests that will eventually form a bonded group. It is medium burn with 18+ spice starting from book 1. Each book has a cliffhanger ending but the series will finish with a HEA.

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