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Greenrock by Layla Pine (Renegade Strangers #1)

Greenrock by Layla Pine (Renegade Strangers #1)

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This is a hand-signed paperback

A human girl ... a mysterious stranger ... a forbidden attraction ... a deadly craving...

All Blaire wants is to survive the tedium of yet another family summer vacation to Greenrock Island, Michigan with her best friend Jack and their parents. She's counting down the days until she can escape to college as far away from her parents as possible.

But something feels off this summer. Their parents lock themselves away in the den and day-drink, leaving Blaire and Jack to entertain themselves. And then there is the hot guy with intense green eyes who Blaire caught a glimpse of on the ferry...the one she can't stop thinking about.


Roman feels compelled to visit Greenrock with his sister Ellis for the summer. And when Blaire shows up unexpectedly in their very private hideaway, he's convinced she is a danger to them. But his cravings for her go far beyond anything he has ever felt before. Either way, he has to keep her away from them, for everyone's sakes.

Because Roman has a huge that has the potential to end Blaire's life, if he succumbs to it. But Blaire has a secret too—she just doesn't know it yet...

As the pair struggle against their need for one another, forces beyond their control are gathering, preparing to converge on Greenrock and tear apart everything the two hold dear.


Greenrock is a paranormal romance with thriller elements. As such it contains some themes and scenes that may be confronting to some readers:

Sexual Assault

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