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Fire, Fury & Chaos by Melissa J. Kincaid (Strings of Fate #3)

Fire, Fury & Chaos by Melissa J. Kincaid (Strings of Fate #3)

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Will you do what is wrong, to make things right?

Arii and Elijah stand on the brink of uniting three mighty courts against the darkness rising in Viridya, but just as hope lights the horizon, fate spins an unexpected thread, casting a shadow in the form of a face from Elijah’s past. Trapped and strung in threads like a cruel marionette, he can do nothing except watch as everything he loves comes undone, all the while undergoing a war of wills where eyes cannot see.

Tasked with finding a secret object said to turn the tide on the unavoidable war to come, secrets slowly unravel as Arii struggles to keep herself focused with the most important task at hand. Win the war and save the land – with or without Elijah. She will do anything to bring him back, even challenge the Gods themselves, but when faced with an impossible choice, will she sacrifice everything she holds dear to do what is right?

Meanwhile, Lorch is torn between loyalty to his father and his fears for their future as an unplanned encounter with a Fae woman causes him to doubt everything, while simultaneously grappling with newfound truths and the consequences of his past choices.

Realms collide, barriers shatter, and the stage is set for an elemental clash that will decide Fythnar's fate. Will love prevail against darkness when everything seems lost, or will the land succumb to the twisted force of an evil far greater than anything seen in this realm before?

Step into a realm of danger, magic and sizzling romance in this epic romantic fantasy series that will set your heart on fire, featuring unforgettable characters that will stay with you, long after the final chapter. Witness the breathtaking finale to Melissa J. Kincaid's bestselling Strings of Fate series.

Content Warnings:
This book containt coarse language, scenes of violence and murder, implications towards genocide, kidnapping, torture, physical and emotional abuse (some towards a child/teenager), thoughts of suicide and death, as well as sexual themes and detailed sex scenes.

The final installment of The Strings of Fate series is intended for New Adult to Adult audiences.

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