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Easy Tiger by Ali K. Mulford (Prickle Island Zoo #2)

Easy Tiger by Ali K. Mulford (Prickle Island Zoo #2)

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He’s trying to keep his livelihood afloat. She threatens to destroy it. Will two wild hearts finally be tamed?

Hawk Lachlan will do anything to save his family’s zoo. With only a year to prove that he and his siblings can handle the responsibility, the gruff eldest brother is determined to fulfill his father’s legacy. So when the new gift shop girl keeps causing clumsy chaos, he refuses to let their attraction add to the mayhem.

Hannah Murphy is getting desperate. Needing enough cash to help her mom retire, the gossip columnist takes a mysterious job to spy on the handsome grouch who always seems to catch her in hilariously compromising snooping attempts. But when she falls into a penguin pond and comes out shirtless, she can’t deny their sizzling chemistry.

Realizing the blundering beauty has squeezed her way past his defenses, Hawk grows closer to the woman helping him stay sane. But as Hannah finds herself falling hard, she fears her big secret has already doomed her chance at happiness.

Will outrageous shenanigans lead to heartbreak or forever?

Easy Tiger is the swoon-worthy second book in the Prickle Island Zoo romantic comedy series. If you like grumpy-sunshine relationships, tons of humor, and emotional feels, then you’ll adore Ali K. Mulford’s steamy story.

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