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Closer by Marlow Locker (The 15th Street Series #1)

Closer by Marlow Locker (The 15th Street Series #1)

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One night.

One party.

One chance to change everything.

I couldn’t help but watch Ray from across our bedroom windows, wanting something that I couldn’t have. She felt untouchable somehow, a friendship too precious to risk losing. But it feels different tonight. Maybe it’s been building for a long time, and I’m finally buckling beneath the pressure. It’s the way Ray’s skirt hugs her curves, those big gray eyes watching me, daring me to make a move. Maybe I will. Maybe the party tonight won’t be so bad. It could be just what we need.

Miles’ place in my life has always been clear—classmate, neighbor, best friend—we just fit. But as my feelings started to grow beyond the neat boxes that I'd put them in, so did the fear. Reaching for what I wanted could ruin everything that I cared about most. So, I did nothing. When he breaks up with his girlfriend, I suggest a party to bring us back together, a way to reconnect after hard boundaries had been set by us both. But something is different tonight, something about the way Miles watches me. Touches me. Anything feels possible. Will I risk it all for a chance to get closer?

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