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When Kingdoms Fall by Callie Dahl

When Kingdoms Fall by Callie Dahl

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"Men feared monsters. Yet fear made men do monstrous things."

The gods are gone, leaving three races divided, broken, and without balance. All that remains is a curse. One to haunt and devour the mortals for their unholy betrayal.

A Mortal Girl. . . Traifton has two rules: Never leave the safety of the walls and never enter the Wylan Woods. Those who enter never return. Willa Thesalor is left with an impossible choice. Be killed by the monsters hiding beneath pretty lies and faces, or enter the woods and face its woes.

An Elf Prince. . . Kauis Sylpetor is a prince with no kingdom to rule. He can feel his immortality and magic slipping slowly from his grasp. When the royal elf finds himself back in the cursed land of Kalandrae, he discovers something more addicting than his plans for retribution. Power. But to attain it, he must make a bargain and risk sacrificing all he has ever known and loved in the process.

A Fae Prince. . . Sorean Valkian is a troubled prince with rare and unruly magic. He is days away from becoming the king of a hidden realm. Before taking the crown, Sorean must confirm the whispers about the worsening Wylan Woods. And why his mother has kept their kingdom off of the maps for centuries. But heavy is the bearer of a secret crown once Sorean uncovers more questions than answers within the god's tainted lands.

When Kingdoms Fall is a New Adult Fantasy series intended for audiences 18+ and older.

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