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The Warrior Queen by E.P. Bali (The Warrior Midwife #3)

The Warrior Queen by E.P. Bali (The Warrior Midwife #3)

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Chosen. Saviour. Queen.

Reeling after the battle of Black Court, Saraya must come to terms with the decision she has made.

But the Green Reaper is still out there and with all his cunning, will stop at nothing to destroy everything she holds dear. All Saraya has is her mother's frantic instructions and her own sheer strength of will.

She must win Lobrathia back at all costs or the entire human realm will fall. .

But at what cost?

Join Saraya and Drake on their epic romantic adventure in the final instalment of The Warrior Midwife Trilogy.

Due to the mature themes in this novel, it is best suited to readers 18 and over.

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