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The Warrior Priestess by E.P. Bali (The Warrior Midwife #2)

The Warrior Priestess by E.P. Bali (The Warrior Midwife #2)

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Concubine. Wife. Priestess.

Captured by a demon king, Drake, with his memories returned and Saraya, must now come to terms with a surprising truth: That Drake is not only Saraya's true mate, but is also the son of a monstrous deity who bound his powers at the age of thirteen. But now the demon king wants Drake's true powers to be unbound for his own nefarious purposes. Forced to marry each other, Drake and Saraya must now gain the trust of the Court of the Demon King in order to escape. But there are even bigger forces at play here. Will Saraya give into her desire to be Drake's fated mate? Or will she do the unthinkable? 

Join Saraya and Drake the seductive adventure in Book 2 of the Warrior Midwife Trilogy
Due to the mature nature of this novel, its content is suited to readers aged 18+

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