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The Cursed and the Broken by Chloe Hodge (Cursed Blood #1)

The Cursed and the Broken by Chloe Hodge (Cursed Blood #1)

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Years ago, the dark queen was executed by witches, her cultists hunted down like rats and forced into hiding. Their black magic buried and put to rest, all was well in the world … or so we thought.

Kitarni Bárány, witch and shepherd of her flock, has always been different. There’s a darkness in her blood and a destiny beyond the border of her small village.

Corruption is spreading, and the whispers of cultists stir through the woods once again.

Betrothed to the heir of the Wolfblood Clan, she risks not only her life but her heart. United, they must stand against the cultists, or watch the Kingdom of Hungary fall.

Cursed by Death and controlled by Fate, Kitarni is forced to meet her demons … or die by them.

A story of succumbing to wicked desires, death, and the temptations of a deliciously dangerous love.

The Cursed and the Broken is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers dark fantasy romance perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Kerri Maniscalco. No broomsticks or cauldrons here, only magic of the darkest kind and dimples to swoon over.

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