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The Archer Queen by E.P. Bali (The Archer Princess #3)

The Archer Queen by E.P. Bali (The Archer Princess #3)

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Altara, Zale and his brothers-in-arms are captive to the Reaper's malevolent curse. But as Zale prepares to take over Ellythia by force, Altara has other plans. But with the Reaper always being one step ahead, Altara has to be more clever than ever before.
Meanwhile Pia, Malika and Rani fight battles of their own and with war looming over their heads, they all have decisions to make. Decisions that will change the course of their lives forever. 

Magic, love, friendship and found family combine in this final journey and epic finale to both The Warrior Midwife Trilogy and The Archer Princess Trilogy. 

This is the final book in a New Adult M/F Trilogy where the heroine has one love interest. It is slow burn with 18+ spice. This book will finish with a HEA.

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