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Party Animal by Ali K. Mulford (Prickle Island Zoo #3)

Party Animal by Ali K. Mulford (Prickle Island Zoo #3)

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She’s never done love long-term. But will faking it lead to forever?

Finch Lachlan works hard and parties harder. But tired of her siblings judging her fun-loving ways, the head veterinarian at her family’s zoo vows to prove she can make it past the third date. And maybe she can begin with the hottie who just seized her attention with a sizzling kiss.

Chef, Frankie Benedetti, craves a fresh start. But after learning her ex-boyfriend and his new squeeze are spending the summer in the same place, she panics and locks lips with the first hot woman she can grab. And when she discovers they’re coworkers, Frankie convinces the tattooed vet to enter into a mutually beneficial, make-believe relationship.

Impressing her close-knit clan with displays of commitment, Finch feels the lines blur as the two women grow closer. But Frankie fears their scheme could be the victim of its own success and end with two broken hearts…

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