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Wind & Wildfire by J.D. Evans (Mages of the Wheel #0.5)

Wind & Wildfire by J.D. Evans (Mages of the Wheel #0.5)

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“I like it when you shine for me, Sabri Sultan. Someday, I hope you shine for them all. So they see you like I do.”

He is the future sultan, a man who wields brutal magic and only knows how to be what they’ve made him. She is a commoner, a woman who champions the vulnerable and treads where she does not belong.

Dilay Akar is the daughter of a judge. By day, she trains the wealthy in magic, and by night, she breaks the Sultan’s laws. But even those closest to her do not always appreciate what she is striving for, or believe that she can achieve it.

Omar Sabri is the Sultan’s tool, flaying minds open to obtain their secrets and truths. Everyone who looks at him sees only the prince—or the monster. Even he cannot see the man beneath the power and the position.

When Omar secretly enlists Dilay’s help in controlling his magic, it sets off a chain of events that will reshape Tamar for generations to come. Dilay will have to choose between the familiar and the powerful. Between people she cares for. And whether to hurt one to help many.

The Wheel turns for balance in all things, and where love springs, may also spring hate.

Wheel, she was lovely. Someone who knew exactly who they were, and what they wanted, and were moving toward it like an arrow loosed from a bow.
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