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To Reforge a Destiny by Claire Butler (The Red Wood #2)

To Reforge a Destiny by Claire Butler (The Red Wood #2)

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A betrayal to repay. A kingdom to reclaim. A destiny to reforge.

Betrayed and defeated, Brielle and Henri now find themselves prisoners of the Outlaw King. Their only rescind their birthrights and swear a blood oath of allegiance to their new King or face the butcher’s block. But Brielle has no intention of giving up the fight for her kingdom and Henri has vowed to never again be powerless to save the ones he loves.

With war looming, and the Southern Court in revolt against their new King, Henri and Brielle are surrounded by enemies on all sides. Forced to make alliances with those they know they cannot trust, both will be thrown into a dangerous game of court politics where losing will cost them more than their lives.

Alliances will shift. Sacrifices will be made. And a dormant line of ancient blood magic will awaken. Will history be doomed to repeat itself? Or will a new destiny be reforged in the flames?

Full of court intrigue, plot twists, fast-paced adventure, and intoxicating romance, To Reforge A Destiny is a thrilling conclusion to the Red Wood series.

If you like Danielle L. Jensen, Renne Ahdieh, and Adrienne Young you will love this debut series.
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