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This Blood That Burns Us by S.L. Cokeley (This Blood That Binds Us #2)

This Blood That Burns Us by S.L. Cokeley (This Blood That Binds Us #2)

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Now that Kimberly's life is undeniably intertwined with Aaron's, the future remains unclear. And with the pressures of college life and The Legion hovering over the brothers' every move, she wonders if she's bitten off more than she can chew. She wants to remain a part of Aaron's life, but at what cost? Meanwhile, Aaron is dealing with the consequences of his choice not to drink blood and the presence of his newfound protectors. Though he wants nothing but freedom for him and his brothers, he can't imagine the thought of leaving Kimberly behind in Blackheart. When The Family shows signs that they may be closer than the brothers realize and The Legion's loyalty is tested, Aaron and Kimberly must forge their own path to freedom. Will the Calem boys ever be free from The Family? Or will the world they've built and the bonds they've made go up in flames?

With more blood, banter, college adventures, and heart throbbing romance in the second instalment of the This Blood that Binds Us series, things get a little darker and a whole lot hotter.

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