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The Witch of Ellesmere By Kirsty Inic (The Witch of Ellesmere #1)

The Witch of Ellesmere By Kirsty Inic (The Witch of Ellesmere #1)

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A witch’s coven provides power and protection, but what if your magic made you more powerful than all your coven combined?

Braelyn has just turned seventeen and it is finally her turn to find out what type of elemental magic she possesses, but as she takes her place within the pentacle a magic more powerful than she knows runs through her veins. As Braelyn tries to understand her new magic, she is thrust into a new world full of possibilities.

The Kingdom of Ellesmere was once a place of peace but now under the rule of King Elias the Cruel, power is the only thing he cares about and he will stop at nothing to obtain it. Even if it means killing those around him. When he finds out about Braelyn’s magical abilities his thirst for power all but consumes him and he will do anything to find her.

As Braelyn is confronted with the truth that her destiny is closely entwined with the King’s, she must learn to embrace her magic if she is ever going to be able to stand against the King and rescue her mother from the clutches of his cruelty.

Can Braelyn master her magic in order to save those she loves, or will she succumb to the power of her magic and loose everything?

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