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The Sons of Echidna by Athena M. Bliss

The Sons of Echidna by Athena M. Bliss

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Welcome to the family.

In a disheartened attempt to get her life back on track, Lucy takes up a live-in nanny position only to realize that the advert was misleading, sending her world spinning violently out of control.
She was meant to look after kids and animals, not a menagerie of mythical monsters––of human and beast kind alike.

Little does her mysterious new employer know Lucy has her own dark secrets, and faced with the realisation that she needs to grow her abilities to survive, she pushes herself too far, destroying the delicate balance between magic and technology.

To seize control of her new world and save herself Lucy must choose––Her life, or her humanity.


Athena M. Bliss's debut novel, THE SONS OF ECHIDNA, is a fast paced blend of The Umbrella Academy meets A Series Of Unfortunate Events . A non-stop series of toppling dominoes, this book promises to keep you on your toes from the first page to the last. A hefty dash of spice brings the diverse and colorful cast to vivid life, along with exquisitely detailed illustrations sprinkled liberally throughout the book.

The first in the series, THE SONS OF ECHIDNA will be followed shortly by THE SIRIN SISTERHOOD and THE GOD GENOME.
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