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The Non-Magical Declan Moore by Nathan Taylor (Winterthorn #1)

The Non-Magical Declan Moore by Nathan Taylor (Winterthorn #1)

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Everything you know is a lie.

Declan Moore was raised to believe he was powerless. A worthless branch on a magical family tree. His mother is a witch; his father, a wizard. Declan is… nothing.

Then his parents are taken. Not just taken, turned to iron and carted away in a nondescript van. They’re not the only ones. Overnight, thousands of witches and wizards vanish from their homes, leaving the powerless ones—like Declan—to pick up the pieces.

Then the vans return. The people in them—the ones wearing the black regimental coats—made a mistake. They missed someone. A wizard, a weapon—one too powerful to be controlled or contained. Declan Moore.

Is that why he was never told he could do magic? Why he spent the last seventeen years as an outcast?

Declan doesn’t care. If he can do magic, he can save his parents. The cost be damned.
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