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The Last Heir of Elsewhere by Kate King (Wilde Fae #3)

The Last Heir of Elsewhere by Kate King (Wilde Fae #3)

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Lonnie Skyeborne always knew at least three things to be true:

1. She was human in a land of fairies.

2. She hated the royals above everyone else.

3. She was a liar.

Except, ever since becoming the queen of Elsewhere, everything Lonnie knows to be true is crumbling around her. The castle has fallen, the crown has been stolen, and the kingdom of Elsewhere is overrun by rebels and monsters.

It's a bad time to be a human in the country of Elsewhere...except that might no longer apply to Lonnie.

While on the road to Aftermath, the human queen is finding it harder and harder to speak a falsehood... especially about whom she claims to hate.

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