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Special Edition | Relics & Legends by H.M. Hodgson

Special Edition | Relics & Legends by H.M. Hodgson

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This special edition set features:

Gold foiled dust jacket
Gold foiled naked case
Digitally sprayed edges
Endpaper art
Connecting foiled design on spines
All three (3) books signed by the author

A Relic of Magic & Gold

Fiercely independent Evangeline has spent ten years studying witchkind’s most complex and potent spells. Now she’s finally starting her life as a spellcaster protecting dangerous relics.

But when a powerful relic goes missing and Eve is accused of the theft, she has no choice but to ask the sexy, way-too-smooth Private Investigator Raph Smith for help, or risk ending up in a Knights Templar dungeon.

Raph Smith always gets his missing person—even though the reason why is a closely guarded secret—so finding a lost trinket box should be easy money. But the relic has a deadly secret too … and those who know the truth will do anything to find the artifact, including killing anyone who stands in their way.

With the Knights Templar, an international crime family, Daemons from the Underworld, and Eve’s own coven on their heels, Eve and Raph are forced to work together. But as the sheets heat up, and with their hearts and heads on the line, can Eve and Raph really trust each other?

Because what started out as reclaiming Eve’s livelihood, has become a fight to save her life. And the rest of humankind.

Relics and Legends – where witchcraft is a business and legends aren’t consigned to history.

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