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Silver Tongue Devil By Stacey Marie Brown (Devil in the Deep Blue Sea #1)

Silver Tongue Devil By Stacey Marie Brown (Devil in the Deep Blue Sea #1)

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The King of the seas is back...

After the battle to save King Lars and Queen Kennedy’s throne against Stavros, a tragic loss shatters what was left of Croygen’s heart, and the Silver Tongue Devil returns to his first love.

The sea.

Trying to regain his title as the King of pirates, Croygen hears of another who is challenging his claim—the woman pirate known as Puss in Boots. Ruthless as she is beautiful, men desire and fear her.

Katrina Roth grew up on a ship, trained by the best, until the man she idolized, the captain she loved, turned his back on her, forcing her from the only home she’d known, leaving her life in ruins. She is now set on destroying him, and nothing, including her best friend Killian, can compete with her need for revenge.

She will make the infamous Silver Tongue Devil pay.

When fate leads Kat and Croygen to each other after centuries a part, Kat is no longer the young, innocent girl, and Croygen is no longer the man he once was. Their attraction and hate walk a thin line, forcing them into a turbulent partnership on the hunt for what is called The Nectar. A substance found after the Fae War, which could be the most powerful and wanted object in the world.

If it really exists.

However, they aren’t the only ones out there searching for it. Cutthroat and lawless, they either work together to find this elusive treasure or become each other’s enemies.

Kill or be killed.

And dead men tell no tales…
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