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Sheer Cupidity by Raven Kennedy (Heart Hassle #5)

Sheer Cupidity by Raven Kennedy (Heart Hassle #5)

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I am great at my job.

And I'm not just saying that—I have the statistics to back it up. Being a cupid is my passion. Being the best is just the dollop of pink icing on the heart cake.

But none of that matters when I find myself caught up in a battle in the fae realm, helping my boss. I'm about to get hit with a power blast strong enough to end my immortal life when something happens. A fae male steps in front of me and takes the hit.

Belren dies, right there in front of my eyes.

Aimless in my guilty grief, I lose my footing as the perfect cupid. And footing is very important when you're trying to have a superior bow and arrow stance.

Finally fed up with the constant cloud of regret, I got back to where it started—the fae island where Belren died. Yet I don't get closure. Instead, I find him.

But the horned, handsome, and entirely see-through male doesn't remember me at all. And that's when I know that the fates are out to mess up my orderly life.

Because the truth is, Belren haunted me long before he ever became a ghost.

Now, it seems we both have unfinished business.

This is a spin-off from the original Heart Hassle series. It is a standalone m/f romance, but has some continuing story arcs and familiar characters from the first 4 Cupidity books. There is explicit language and romance, and is intended for ages 18+.
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