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Seconds | Foolish Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James (Puckboys #4)

Seconds | Foolish Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James (Puckboys #4)

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This book has minor imperfections that do not affect readability.

After my divorce, I'm ready to have fun, date around, and not get into anything serious. Then I meet Gabe Crosby, superhero firefighter and a disgrace to the Crosby name. He doesn't even like hockey!
Yet, there's a draw to him I can't deny-something I haven't felt since my teens. But that's the problem. I have no idea what dating is like, let alone how to do it with another man. He makes me flakey and nervous, and I've never been that guy.
Gabe turns me inside out and upside down in the best possible ways. I only recently became single, but if I continue to chase after him, I might not stay that way for long.

When I meet Aleksander Emerson during an emergency call-out, there are three things that catch my attention: his sexy tattoos, his kind eyes, and his drunken offer to have my babies.
He's new to Seattle and recently divorced, so I take him under my wing-and under my sheets. I'm showing him what the world of hookups is like, only those hookups turn into sleepovers and dates and public displays of jealousy.
Aleks is in his casual era, and I'm working my way toward settling down and starting a family. What the two of us have is fun, but not a good idea permanently.
Too bad Aleks has already set my life on fire.

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