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Seconds | Be My Saving Grace by Rachel O'Rourke

Seconds | Be My Saving Grace by Rachel O'Rourke

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This book has minor imperfections that do not affect reading.

‘I’m not perfect, Finn. Far from it,’ whispers Nickolas.
‘Neither am I,’ Finn admits. ‘But I think that’s what makes us perfect for each other.’

Nickolas never saw himself working as an orderly in a psychiatric ward, but over the years, he’s found purpose in assisting the patients and watching them thrive. His work has helped fill the emptiness inside of him; a result of the fears and guilt from his past.

When Finn is admitted for bipolar disorder, Nickolas makes it his responsibility to help him realise there is more to life than his diagnosis. As their friendship grows, a deeper bond takes hold, one that Nickolas tries to repress and resist for the sake of his career and Finn’s recovery.

Be My Saving Grace is a story about two strangers in their darkest times, helping one another overcome their traumatic pasts. It’s a story about trusting someone new and finding love where you least expect it.

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