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Of Deathless Shadows by K.M. Moronova

Of Deathless Shadows by K.M. Moronova

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This isn't a happy story. Not at all. It's a sad story filled with lust, trauma, and dark magic.

Fernestia has destroyed everything, leaving only ashes and the new Shadows that teem beneath our skin. My lovely assassin claims I'm his Shadow mate and has agreed to help me find my brother and ex-boyfriend—if they're still alive.

After my village is destroyed, I'm trapped in an enemy camp surrounded by other survivors. Blood and magic are twins here, and there's a dark itch coming from deep within me. If I ever want to see Terra again, I must become invincible.

I wake up in a lavish estate with my memories stolen. All I know is that my parents and sister are gone. A sinister boy haunts me, pushing me to uncover the truth of this strange place.

Although separated, our hearts are tied. The Shadows running through our veins call to each other, demanding answers. If we're ever to reunite, we must uncover the truths of Fernestia.

Everything leads back to Alkrose Academy.
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