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Make My Heart Race by Grace McGinty

Make My Heart Race by Grace McGinty

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Tally Palmer had always wanted to drive fast and kick ass, in that order. She'd earned her place as a NASCAR driver. She followed the rules, paid her dues, and didn't make any mistakes.

Except one. She fell in love with a boy.

In the blink of an eye, Tally's dreams went up in smoke. The fallout from that moment reverberated through her life but eventually her name was forgotten and the next 'big thing' took her place.

Six months later, Tally was in trouble again, but this time, the consequences would last forever, or at least eighteen years. She needed a nest egg ASAP and she was only good at one thing: driving recklessly fast.

At a late night illegal street race, her life would once again change. Running into an old crush was unexpected, and the lifeline that he threw her even more so. A lifeline that would once again put her in touching distance of her dreams. Sure, it would be different, and would come with three extremely sexy distractions, but there was hope.

But the past never stays where it belongs, and soon enough it's more than just her dreams of driving that are under threat.

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