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Love on the Korlyan Moon by Petra Palerno

Love on the Korlyan Moon by Petra Palerno

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Taking a mate before I’m found worthy in my culture is punishable by death. When I rescue Lena, the human dropped from the sky, from the scripirat’s jaws I’m shocked that she accidentally takes my mating sting. I want to keep her, but know I’ll never be able to without completing my great proving—but will I be able to resist her as my venom pumps through her veins and forces her heats?


If I thought dancing in a plastic security bubble for extraterrestrial enjoyment was as weird as my life could get, taking a tentacle alien’s mating sting might top the list. Sure, he saved me from a watery grave, but these forced heats are getting harder and harder to deny. As much as he seems like a very nice alien, can I know my true feelings for him between this chemical confusion and the fact that we don’t even speak the same language?

Love on the Korlyan Moon is a very spicy alien romance novella that takes place on a distant moon in the bubbleverse. This book is a spinoff from the bubble babes series, but is a standalone. It features a language barrier, size difference, he falls first, tentacles, mating marks, forced heats, a human female tattoo artist FMC, and a virgin alien MMC who will do anything for his human mate. If you’re ready to dip your toes into tentacle spice, love a sweet inexperienced MMC, or just want to delve deeper into the world the bubble babes series started, this is for you! Includes a well earned HEA.

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