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Special Edition | The Legacy of Witches Omnibus by A.K. Mulford

Special Edition | The Legacy of Witches Omnibus by A.K. Mulford

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Special edition omnibus of The Five Crowns of Okrith novellas by A.K. Mulford

On the outside:

  • Dust jacket
  • Foiled naked case
  • Gold gilded edges

On the inside:

  • Five Okrith novellas
    - The Witch of Crimson Arrows
    - The Witch Apothecary
    - The Witchslayer
    - The Witching Trail
    - The Witch's Goodbye
  • plus bonus novella
    - The Ribbons in the Trees
  • Map
  • Illustrated title pages for each novella
  • Dedicated signature page, signed by A.K. Mulford

The Witch of Crimson Arrows

Learn what happened to Remy before the events of The High Mountain Court in this novella!

In a world where red witches are hunted, eighteen-year-old Remy must keep her powers hidden in order to survive. While working her tavern job with her two brown witch companions, Remy dreams of a future where she can be free. But even with witch hunters roaming the Western Court, Remy decides to start a secret tryst with the cobbler’s son. Can she keep her identity secret from Edgar? Will her brown witch companions find out? The fae king of the Northern Court has a bounty on red witches and the stakes couldn’t be higher. If anyone in her village discovers Remy is a red witch, she will lose her head.

The Witch Apothecary

The magic of a traveling carnival is nothing compared to the magic of a beautiful red witch.

Eighteen-year-old Heather Doledir has never left her hometown in the Western Court. As the eldest child of a brown witch family, she is slated to take over the family apothecary and help care for her ailing father. When the traveling witch carnival comes to town, her dreams of adventure ignite along with her affections for a red witch named Emry. Even though the carnival is only in town until the harvest moon, Heather knows that this red witch will change her life forever.

The Witchslayer

Renwick Vostemur spends his winters training blue witches with his uncle in the Northern Court. But as Renwick proves himself worthy of the nickname Witchslayer, he struggles to keep his secrets from slipping out of his control. Under his uncle’s scrutiny, will he survive another winter in the blue witch fortress?

The Witching Trail

A lone figure stands as the last hope of a fallen kingdom. Raffiel Dammacus, the only surviving royal of the High Mountains, is all that stands between the ruthless Northern King and the fabled Immortal Blade.

For years, Raffiel has been leading his people to safety, guiding them through the treacherous terrain with nothing but a trail of crimson ribbons. But when a routine mission goes awry, Raffiel finds himself facing old foes and unexpected allies, each one threatening to unravel everything he has fought for. As he battles to protect his people and secure the legendary Immortal Blade, Raffiel must confront the ghosts of his past and the demons of his present.

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