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Homerun Proposal by Maren Moore (Orleans University #1)

Homerun Proposal by Maren Moore (Orleans University #1)

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The proposal was simple: Score a homerun and take my virginity.
Except, my proposal went to the 
wrong brother.
It was supposed to go to my best friend, but as fate would have it, it fell into the hands of his infuriatingly hot, irritatingly charming older brother.
Lane Collins is Orleans University's All-Star baseball captain.
Cocky pitcher. Player on and off the field. The life of every party.
And the same guy I’ve crushed on in secret since we were kids.
He’s always been out of my league.
That is until he signs the dotted line on a proposal that wasn’t meant for him, and offers to teach me… everything.
The one and only condition?
We walk away once everything’s checked off.

Easier said than done when my heart is involved.
Now, it’s a whole new ballgame.

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