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Home by Stevie Carter (Stitch Up #2)

Home by Stevie Carter (Stitch Up #2)

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This is a hand-signed paperback with an art print.

There's no place like it.

Home sounds like a respite, but I know what this place is — I helped build it. I treated its patients and ignored its sins.
So, I guess I deserve every bruise, every lie and every twisted piece of discipline at the hands of the man I signed my life over to.

See, people think loss is a one-time deal. You love, you lose, you get over it. But the reality is, when you lose someone you love, every day is like hitting the 'repeat' button on pain.

At least this time I have a new Gifted protector — a piece of my outside life holding the key to my prison. Though, locked doors have nothing on the stone-cold cell of heartbreak.
And here, without my vigilante, I fear I’m losing our baby, too.
But I have a reason to stay alive… until it’s taken from me.

HOME is the second book in the Stitch Up series — a dark and steamy romantic suspense featuring a strong, independent FMC and the sensitive, tortured MMC she craves.

But Logan and I are hiding pasts that are slowly conspiring to destroy us both.

CRAVE is a steamy dark romance featuring an independent

FMC and a sensitive, tortured MMC who falls first. This first book in the Stitch Up series will leave you gasping for all the right reasons...

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