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Hating Dr. Fox by Layla Pine (Aussie Cravings #3)

Hating Dr. Fox by Layla Pine (Aussie Cravings #3)

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This comes with an unattached signed book plate sticker

Georgina Menzies might be having a quarter-life crisis …

She just quit her eight-year career to work in television production. And when her boyfriend of two years calls to break up, all she feels is relief.

But that relief flies out the window when she discovers that her first job as showrunner is a documentary about a sexy Sydney vet—a man who, as an eighteen-year-old, broke her heart …

She’s determined to keep things professional … with maybe a couple of little tweaks, to punish him just a teeny bit …


When Xander Fox discovers that the woman producing his new documentary series is his high school sweetheart, and the girl who ghosted him after one stupid teenage mistake, twelve years of anger and bitterness resurface.

He’s determined to get through filming with the minimum of fuss … but how will that be possible when Georgie seems hell-bent on driving him insane?

Stuck together in a small town, all their old resentments, old hurts, and old chemistry re-ignite … and their frustration feels a hell of a lot like foreplay …

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