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February Book Club

February Book Club

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Wilde Fae: Lords of the Hunt by Kate King

Fae games will change you...but their love will ruin you.

At least, that's what my mother told me. My mother had three rules:

1. Never make a bargain with a fairy.

2. Never enter the Waywoods on a hunting day.

3. Never give the High Fae princes a reason to notice you.

But even when I followed all the rules, the royal fae still took my family from me.

So in one night I broke all three rules, and brought the kingdom to their knees.

Wilde Fae is a deliciously slow burn, steamy fantasy romance, ideal for grown-up readers of the Cruel Prince and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Wilde Fae is a series where the female main character will not have to choose one love interest. Please read the author's note on page one.

Fair Catch by Kandi Steiner

As if things aren’t already tough enough as the only girl on a college football team, Coach had to go and assign Zeke Collins as my roommate.

A cocky kick returner and my brother’s best friend who should have been ripped of that title years ago, he’s as infuriating as he is undeniably sexy.

I hate him, and for good reason — reason I won’t ever let him forget.

He thinks because we grew up together that it’s his role to protect me, but all he does is get in my way, make me look weak, and piss me off more.

I tell him I can handle myself, and I’m hell-bent on getting that point across to him and the rest of the nation watching the only girl in collegiate football.

The pressure doesn’t get to me. The scrutiny? I’m ready for.

But sharing very thin walls with Zeke Collins? I wasn’t prepared for that.

And the more we’re forced together, the harder it is to distinguish that pencil-thin line between hating him… and wanting him.

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