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Eternal Reign by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti (Age of Vampires #1)

Eternal Reign by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti (Age of Vampires #1)

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This is a dark romance fantasy 18+

The vampire prince has never claimed a human. Until now.
My whole life I've been nothing but a means to an end; livestock kept caged for the production of blood. I've stared through fences at the promise of freedom countless times, but the only way anyone escapes this hell is in the hands of a bloodsucker.
The annual testing is about to begin, and those who pass are never seen again. So fu*k that. My twin and I decided to risk it all. To run before the royals could claim us.
Turns out, that dream expired fast. Because when an original vampire decides to own you, there's nowhere in this ruined world left to escape to.
I'm at his mercy now, trapped in his castle, destined to become his creature, and forced into a dangerous game of rivalry between the seductive vampire princes.
His beauty is a weapon I wasn't prepared for, his cruelty a bane that strikes fear in the hearts of all, and his company a sin I'm going to spend my life repenting.
I need to get back to my sister, but she's caught in a trap of her own, tangled up with the last slayer to walk this earth and following his path towards vengeance. She's at his mercy too, the man with violence tattooed across his skin, death trailing his footsteps as he stalks his prey - who just so happen to be the royal vampires who hold me captive.
The gods are toying with us all, placing my twin and I on opposite sides of an ancient war. And in the end, I fear there won't be any victors left standing.
So I'm going to play a game of my own, let my captor use me as his puppet until I find my moment to strike.
Let this hell-born ritual of lust, lies and blood begin.

**This is a dark, fantasy romance series by the authors of Zodiac Academy with all the enemies to lovers vibes - don't go expecting a sweet vampire with sparkling skin and a tendency to watch you sleeping. These vampires are savage and bloodthirsty, and the slayer who hunts them will stab first and ask questions later. This war-torn fantasy world is a brutal bitch and only those 18+ have a chance at surviving the darkness lurking between these pages. There's no well-meaning vampires snacking on Bambies instead of babies, and if they get their teeth into you, you'll be damn lucky to escape with your life and panties intact. So grab hold of your slayer blade (wooden stakes have too many splinters) and get ready to defy the gods, because this is going to be one helluva ride***

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