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Crave by Stevie Carter (Stitch Up #1)

Crave by Stevie Carter (Stitch Up #1)

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This book comes with a signed book plate

Be careful what you crave...

What some people call paranoia, I call common sense - that's the only reason I'm still alive.

So far, therapy seems like an expensive way to pretend I'm coping. Spending ten of your most vulnerable years as a crime boss's possession really does a number on your head.

Which is why I'm certain Logan is going to be nothing more than a distraction from my real calling: illegally nursing the city's poorest.

Something about this awkward ex-cop has me curious though - and uncovering his real identity is my new obsession. Even as our secret liaisons become ever more spine-tingling...

But Logan and I are hiding pasts that are slowly conspiring to destroy us both.

CRAVE is a steamy dark romance featuring an independent

FMC and a sensitive, tortured MMC who falls first. This first book in the Stitch Up series will leave you gasping for all the right reasons...

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