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Bonds of Cupidity By Raven Kennedy (Heart Hassle #2)

Bonds of Cupidity By Raven Kennedy (Heart Hassle #2)

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I found love. Now, I need to try and keep it.

I spent years in the Veil as an invisible cupid. Unable to talk, touch, or love anyone, which made me a little bitter.

Now, I have a life…and a bounty on my head. The fae prince wants me dead, and my three gorgeous genfins are arrested. The culling of the Royal Trials is about to begin, but I’m not going to let everything be taken from me without a fight.

There’s rebellion in the air, a princess who’s not all she appears to be, and a lamassu fae who claims to be my mate.

Love is getting complicated.

But for a cupid, it always is.

This is a slow-burn why choose fae-fantasy romcom, where the FMC will end up with multiple mates. It includes explicit language and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18 years and older. This series is complete.
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