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Between Two Realms by Mazrine L. Amaris (Two Realms #1)

Between Two Realms by Mazrine L. Amaris (Two Realms #1)

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A tale of prophecies, true heirs and true love, already written by the Fates above. She’s torn between two realms but which does she choose? The only catch is that one has to lose.

Imagine the fantasy world you’ve always dreamt of was real. In fact, you could travel there if you just caught the right train. Sophie Taliesin, epic fantasy bibliophile and lover of all things magical, made that discovery in her very own city - Melbourne, Australia. Following a bad date, she stumbles into the Faery realm and what she finds sets her world into a tumbling mess of adventure and adrenaline.

Using the knowledge she amassed in what she thought was strictly fiction, she joins forces with new friends and a tall, dark and handsome warrior, to fight against the clutches of a corrupt throne.

As her world and the Faery realm descends into chaos, she comes to a crossroad. Does she choose herself or does she save the dying kingdom?
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