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Ace My Heart by Layla Pine (Aussie Cravings #1)

Ace My Heart by Layla Pine (Aussie Cravings #1)

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This comes with an unattached signed book plate sticker

“Dear God, pardon my French, but please don’t let me fuck this up!”

Melanie Black is cursed – just ask her crazy superstitious mother.

Her tennis career is teetering on the brink of fabulousness, but she can’t seem to make it past a quarter-final. She’s also desperate to break her yearlong sex-drought; a problem because the only men she sees with any regularity are her hard-arse coach Steve, and his infuriating (but hot as Hell) son, Joel. Oh, and her best friend Brad, but he doesn’t really count.

But Mel’s luck is about to change, as she finally breaks her quarter-final curse, and gets an invite for sexy-times with tennis superstar and renowned playboy Pete Levine. Things seems to be looking up, until a sudden, horrific event turns everything upside down.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and she and Joel decide to work together to try and deal with the fallout and pick up the pieces of Mel’s career, even as their teasing, antagonistic relationship begins to feel the strain of constant proximity…

…Mel’s tennis career may be getting back on track, but as other parts of their lives spin out of control, things between the two are bound to become explosive – one way or another.

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