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A Soul to Steal by Opal Reyne (Duskwalker Brides #6)

A Soul to Steal by Opal Reyne (Duskwalker Brides #6)

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All Gideon wanted was a friend.

After waking up in the afterlife to discover he died, Gideon has nowhere to go. The world around him feels strange, utterly false, and he struggles to let go of the past he was ripped away from.

Gideon never expects his new, monstrous friend to nibble his way into his heart, or give him purpose in death. His wings are soft, his body strong, and his skull face oddly compelling, but what point is there in desiring more when their future is meaningless?

All Aleron wanted was his kindred.

Having been violently separated from his twin, Aleron is left behind in Tenebris. Unlikely events lead him into an adventure with a pretty human, who entrances him more with every step they take. Gideon is funny yet confusing, and he makes desire sink into Aleron like a frustrating set of claws.

Aleron’s heart is big, it’s ready to love, and it’s fond of the male he has in his keeping. But things do not always go as promised, even when Aleron is given the potential to have everything he wants.

Will Aleron be able to keep those important to him close, or will he come to regret the choices he’s made?
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